PPC Rates

Pay Per Click  PPC Account Management Rates

How much does ppc cost?      

Search engine click costs usually range from $0.25 – $50 per click (depending upon sector and individual search phrase). Our fees are based on a percentage of your search budget, which is up to you. The higher the budget, the more click throughs; the more leads through click throughs, the more sales you will receive.
Please note, you do not sign a contract of any kind and you can start and stop advertising at any time.
Our pricing is broken up into setup costs and monthly management fees. Setup costs include the following:

  • Extensive keyphrase research
  • Competition analysis (analysis of how much your competitors are spending for top placements)
  • Account setup of Google, Yahoo Search Marketing,Microsoft ad center
  • Sorting the keyphrases into more focused and targeted Adgroups
  • Writing the ad copy, titles & descriptions for each AdGroup
  • Writing second ad copy for each AdGroup
  • Setup keyphrases & estimated “pay per click” (PPC) spend and average position per keyphrase
  • Installing the conversion tracking code down to keyphrase level
  • Setup daily spend amount per campaign and maximum cost per click per ad group

Monthly management fees for our PPC management service include:

  • Regularly monitoring the keyphrase for the optimal performance
  • Regularly sending you the performance reports of your Adwords
  • Check ad copy “Click Through Rate” (CTR) for effectiveness
  • Refining and testing ads for highest CTR with lowest CPC possible
  • Check average position of key phrases and raise & lower CPC when needed
  • Alert you as to potential new keyword opportunities
  • Replace poor performing keywords
  • Track effectiveness of each keyword using Conversion Tracking statistics
  • Verify that all links to your ads are working correctly
  • Monthly report showing campaign performance
  • Advice on budget allocation for each AdGroup for maximum profit

Set up and management fees are time based and are quoted on an individual basis. Actual pay per click fees also apply, when Google and/or Yahoo will debit your account as required for your click charges (which come from a monthly budget to control spending).